Welcome to my website. It may not be quite what you expected.

For while I was born, raised and matured to early middle age in the last century, I happily embrace life as it greets us today. I do not long for the days before smart phones, confusing televisions and online ordering. Indeed, I often wish I could fast forward another decade or two to see what will happen next with technology, science and society.

But the fact remains that I lived what will probably turn out to be about half of my life in the previous century. Those experiences shaped my thinking. The skills I learned drive many of my creative projects. And the social and technological evolutions I witnessed play a big role in how I think our world will develop over the current century.  Since I intend this to be a personal blog, I figured I may as well be right up front about one of the key influences in my thinking.

So, if you made it this far, you may as well read some of the content, look at the pictures and try to enjoy yourself. I’ll do my best to provide “Curmudgeon” warnings if needed.